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costume jewelry
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They may add Route 30 in Vernon to a list of places to avoid.Thursday, for the second time in six months, traveling jewelry salesmen were robbed on that route.The robbers waved a gun and smashed the salesmen's car window to grab the satchels.Vernon police, with help from the FBI, are investigating the robbery. The names of the victims and an estimated value of the jewels have not been released.Police are also still looking into a September incident where gun wielding robbers outside of Rein's New York Style Deli Restaurant robbed a father and son of about $2.2 million in jewelry.Despite the two Vernon heists, such robberies are down nationwide.Losses from jewelry thefts across the country in 2000 were about 47 percent lower than in the previous year, according to John Kennedy of the Jewelers' Security Alliance trade organization.And the first months of 2001 are tracking downward also,'' Kennedy said.Still, merchants shaken by robberies of traveling salespeople that have resulted in losses of $75 million to $100 million annually, injuries and even in deaths, have fake jewelry changed the way they do business, Kennedy said.Wholesalers are being more cautious about sending human couriers into risky locations, such as downtown Los Angeles and Boston's jewelry district. Some have decreased the number of trade shows they participate in and, where possible, they are shipping samples of merchandise instead of hand delivering them.But the tradition of dealing with a salesperson is hard to break.Law enforcement has stepped up efforts to trace and arrest suspected robbers, who often have turned out to be members of South American gangs, Kennedy said..

fake jewelry Humans are the tiger's only serious predator, who often kill tigers illegally for their fur. Also, their bones and nearly all body parts are used in traditional Chinese medicine for a range of purported uses including pain killers and aphrodisiacs. Poaching for fur and destruction of habitat have greatly reduced tiger populations in the wild.fake jewelry

fake jewelry Each of the 12 lace draped tables looks like a picture in a magazine, with their settings of delicate china, linen napkins and matching flatware. Composer Stephen Foster's antebellum music wafts over the intercom, and conversations register barely above a whisper. This is the precious setting for lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and special occasions an oasis of calm and relaxation..fake jewelry

junk jewelry Mental hospitals around the country usually hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, but this one is a rare exception. Dhobi Ghar, an automated laundry that was launched in Kolkata Pavlov Mental Hospital on July 1, is turning out to be a path breaker. About two dozen inmates who are cured and have nowhere to go have started earning, and if everything goes right, they may well get separate quarters to start living with minimal assistance and supervision that they should have ideally received at home..junk jewelry

women's jewelry What's in this articleIt Feels Like Love But Is ItWhat Makes a Healthy RelationshipWhat's an Unhealthy RelationshipWarning SignsWhy Are Some Relationships So DifficultHopefully, you and your significant other are treating each other well. Not sure if that's the case Take a step back from the dizzying sensation of being swept off your feet and think about whether your relationship has these qualities:Mutual respect. Does he or she get how great you are and why Make sure your BF or GF is into you for who you are.women's jewelry

women's jewelry Today, you can find diamond eternity bands for her as well as for him. However, the eternity setting for both is different. It is very masculine for men. I was going to have to replace them anyway," Bruce Francisco said, laughing as he walked through his Fountain Grove property with his brother.Two weeks after fleeing his home, Francisco came back on Sunday with a sense of humor and motivation to recover the ring."Monday [October 9] was a shock," said Francisco. "We drove up. We thought our house would be here.women's jewelry

Men's Jewelry Set in present day 1961 (as opposed to during World War II as in the novel), the film introduces us to the gorgeous Holly Golightly (a sparkling Audrey Hepburn) as she staggers home early one morning in her little black dress and sunglasses after yet another all night bender during which she likely doled out small favors to amorous older gentlemen in exchange for rent money. Pausing in front of Tiffany's, Holly munches a danish and sips coffee as she admires the jewelry in the window. It's an iconic movie moment Men's Jewelry.

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